Welcome to Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary in McCall, Idaho

pronghornWe specialize in the rehabilitation of local wildlife inclusive of orphaned baby birds and mammals; and injured small mammals, songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors. Because of its large forested enclosures and secluded setting, Snowdon is designated by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game as the only facility in the state permitted to rehabilitate weaned black bear cubs.

If you need assistance with an orphaned or injured bird or small mammal, CALL (208) 634-8050. Cell service is not always consistent - Please leave a message if your call is not immediately answered. Someone will contact you as soon as possible. For assistance with injured adult deer or elk, please call your local Idaho Fish and Game office.

Snowdon was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1989 and is wholly dependent on donations, small grants and dedicated volunteers - including its board of directors - to keep the sanctuary operational.

Pronghorn antelope fawn rehabilitates at Snowdon

The pronghorn antelope fawn seen at right arrived in June 2015 after being orphaned by a poacher. His mother and sister did not survive. Once he is weaned, this little guy will travel back to an area near Mountain Home where he was born. Photo Credit: Lake Creek Photography,  S. Embree.


You can help support the antelope fawn and all of the other wildlife cared for at Snowdon by participating in our...............

SUMMER FUNDRAISER! Drawing at the Annual Open House

On Saturday, Sept. 26th, this Handcrafted Metal-work, Wildlife Motif Patio Set Could be Yours!

(Lucky Winner does not need to be present to WIN!)

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During the summer of 2014, a Snowdon volunteer discovered a battered metal patio set, stashed away and forgotten in a pile of debris. The tabletop and chair seats were missing, indicating the patio set had gone through some rough times. The volunteer recognized that, much like the injured and orphaned animals Snowdon regularly receives, this too, had potential.

The patio set found its way to Dale James, a metal artist at Quality Feed in Meadows, Idaho. Dale designed and fabricated a metal top featuring an intricate forest and wildlife scene inspired by the Snowdon sanctuary. Each chair received a new seat with fabricated metal bear paw print designs and new caulking. The entire set got a sparkling new metallic paint job and new leg coasters. Then Diana and Larry at GlassPro, McCall, generously donated the crowning piece, a custom-cut 1/4-inch tempered glass tabletop.


This newly rehabilitated patio dining set is now ready to be "released" to a good home and enjoy its restored life on your deck or patio!

table motif

chairtable set

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FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL US AT info@snowdonwildlife.org or call 634-8050