Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation serving McCall and surrounding areas in Southwestern Idaho. 

Call or Text for information:

Email: snowdonwildlife@gmail.com

Rehabilitation Specializations

Snowdon specializes in the rehabilitation of local wildlife inclusive of orphaned baby birds and mammals; and injured small mammals, songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors. The facility is not equipped to transport or house large mammals such as adult deer and elk.

Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary provides native habitat and natural conditions that help rehabilitated wildlife assimilate back into the wild.

News and Events

Join us for World Wildlife Day at Ruby's Kitchen in March. More details will be posted on Facebook and in the calendar. Click the button below to view our events calendar!

Rescue Information: Fawns

Click the button below for information on what to do if you suspect you've found an injured or orphaned deer fawn

Rescue Information: Birds

Click the button below for information on what you should do if you find a suspected orphaned or injured baby bird.

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