Gem Spun Studio - Hand-crafted art

Profits donated to wildlife rehabilitation 

Erin Rohlman, a long-time supporter of Snowdon 

opened her Etsy store, GemSpunStudio, in October

2018. Her husband Jeff Rohlman serves on Snowdon's

Board of Directors and has been crucial in the

rehabilitation of our black bear cubs. They also operate

a small wildlife rehabilitation center at home called

Meadows Valley Wildlife Care which helps Snowdon

during our busy summer months. Erin creates beautiful

hand-crafted art and donates the proceeds to Snowdon.

Visit the link above to see her art. When asked about what inspired Erin to start her store she said the following:


"I saw the need for funding wildlife rescue and rehabilitation when Snowdon lost so much financially after the flooding from the failure of Brown’s Pond dam.  And then when Jeff and I decided to offer help to Snowdon as a “satellite” rehab facility at our home, I saw that things like wildlife X-rays and 24 hour care for critical cases could be quite expensive.  I’ve always loved making things by hand, something I probably inherited from my mother, and once I retired from my career, I finally had the time to get creative.  GemSpunStudio on celebrates wildlife and other things in nature that I enjoy working with, such as gemstones, fiber, wood, and garden things.  I collaborate with other artists to create unique art pieces, and my Etsy partners are also huge supporters of wildlife.  All profits from sales go to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, except for a few items that are dedicated to dog and cat rescue at McPaws.  Helping all animals in need is what this store is about."

Thank you Erin and please visit her store!


Some examples of Erin's art. Click the image for a link to the post. Visit the link at top of page to see the whole store