Each year millions of songbirds perish from window strikes. WindowAlert has come up with unique products that make you part of the solution! Their decals reflect ultraviolet sunlight, producing a brilliant glow to birds. And the UV Liquid fills in the gaps. The liquid is easy to apply. Use the application nozzle on the top of the UV Liquid bottle to make dots on the glass. The dots dry virtually clear, last three months, and are easy to remove.

WindowAlert UV Liquid Bottle

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  • UV Liquid comes in a 30 ml (1 fluid oz.) container with a built-in applicator on top. It is easy to apply to the outside window surface. It works best on windows that receive direct sunlight. Just lightly dab a small dot on the window and allow to dry. We recommend you apply a grid system of dots every 3 to 6 inches apart. This will be good visual deterrent for birds who might think your window is a passageway to their natural habitat. We can't see the UV dots, but birds can! 

    One bottle should be enough to cover multiple windows. If you only have a few windows with high bird strike potential, the bottle may also supply enough for several re-applications throughout the year.

    ***Please note that the UV Liquid cannot be shipped due to its flammable content. Call us to arrange drop off or pickup within our local area. See shipping details below.